Reverse Mortgage

No monthly payment, No Income Qualifying, No credit, Must be 62 years of age.

  • Every month we do review almost 50 to 100 Homeowners for this special home loan program.
  • You must be 62 years of age and have equity in your house.
  • A reverse mortgage can be the right choice for senior homeowners who need additional income without having to sell their homes to raise cash.
  • With a reverse mortgage, the homeowner can get a monthly payment, a line of credit or a lump sum distribution without having to move or give up title to the home.
  • Easy ways to find out if you can qualify for this program
  • Call Toll Free Reverse Mortgage Hotline 800-331-4697 ext 1005 leave your name, phone number, address, and e-mail address at the tone. Please spell if necessary. So we can email or mail the application to you.
  • Absolutely no cost and no obligation.
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