Are you in Danger of Foreclosure?

Do you want to sell and sell fast?

There is NO REASON to give your home back to the bank unless it is on YOUR TERMS!

Dear Homeowner:

We specialize in assisting property owners that are facing foreclosure. We have a VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE in working out solutions with banks to:

•    Remediate your existing mortgage. We'll work on your behalf to re-structure your mortgage with your current bank, if your goal is to keep your home there is a very high probability that I will be able to negotiate with the bank and STOP foreclosure.

•    Sell your home regardless if you have equity or not.

1.    If you have equity in your home, we will list and sell your home at a discounted fee.

2.    If you DO NOT have equity in your home, we will negotiate with the bank and inform them that they need to accept less money than is owed on the mortgage. The property will be SOLD and the bank will pay my fees. This will preclude a foreclosure from being on your credit report for 10 years. You WILL NOT owe the bank any fees for deficiencies or losses that they have incurred.

If we do sell your home, and you would like to purchase another home immediately, we have options! By no means will you be limited to becoming a renter!

We implore you to contact us TODAY by completing the form below for a FREE professional, confidential and courteous consultation. We will explain your rights, detail your options and provide you with solutions. The longer we wait the more difficult it will be to negotiate with the bank.

All the best, Team

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