Why refinance?

We offer several refinance loan solutions for borrowers that have a good mortgage payment history but find themselves stuck with a mortgage that is more than the value of their home.

· Combine 1st and 2ndRefinancing 1st and 2nd mortgages together to save thousands of dollars a year simply by refinancing both loans into a reduced rate mortgage loan.

· Combine high rate and credit card- Refinancing your high rate installment loans and revolving credit cards is bound to save you at least 40% per month.

· Convert your Adjustable loan into Fixed rate loan-Loan Refinancing- No equity

·  FHA Streamline Refinance- FHA Streamline enables existing FHA customers to refinance with a reduced cost loan for a lower rate

·  Fannie Mae offered a no equity refinance loan up to 105% loan to value.  Borrowers must have a mortgage owned by Fannie Mae and the refinance was only to refinance 1st mortgage liens.

·  Home Affordable Refinance Program - This government program enables borrowers who have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owned mortgage to refinance their first mortgage balance up to 125%.+

·  FHA Short Refinance - This government mortgage relief program went a step further than the others, because this FHA Short Refinance program actually lowered the principal mortgage balance to fair market value. This program requires the voluntary cooperation of your current lender. The bank or investors that own the loan must be willing to write down its value.

·  80% Home Equity Loan -Lock into a low rate equity loan maximizing your home's equity. Borrow up to 80% with a fixed rate and fixed payment.

· VA Refinancing- VA refinance is the VA streamline that enables savvy veterans to skip one or two mortgage payments after refinancing. 

· Jumbo mortgage refinance – (loans from $417,000 to $3,000,000)-We also offer jumbo refinance loans with low rate refinancing and fixed rate home mortgage loans.

    Mortgage Refinancing for All Types of Credit- With FHA, mortgage refinancing is possible, even with little bad credit (Fill out the form or Call for details). Credit scores are not a factor with FHA loans, so if your credit score is bad, then consider refinancing with FHA.

    So we have MANY, MANY….. HOME REFINANCE PROGRAM  to choose from, Take advantage of our REFIANCE PROGRAM and lock the interest with low rate refinance mortgages for people with all types of credit. With Our refinance loans, you have the option of rolling any closing costs, refinancing fees into the loan, so you will not have to bring money out of your pocket.  Refinancing your mortgage is one of the most effective ways of lowering monthly payments, improving cash flow.

    Each program has own requirements.

    Must meet both investor and lender guidelines to qualify.

    Programs are subject to change without further notice.

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